Fellow Patriots, Veterans and Supporters of President Trump:

The 2020 Presidential Campaign will soon begin in earnest. Accordingly, we would like to get a jump start on the campaign before the New Year to enable us to generate support for President Trump's reelection and in that connection to evaluate and endorse candidates for the Senate and the House. Through the evaluation process, we determine if the candidates, incumbent or non, support the president and support those issues of concern to us as reflected in the Manifesto (which is being updated). Please note that of our efforts are also to support President Trump, and his closest allies, who have been railroaded by the Deep State, represented by Comey's FBI, and Brennan's CIA, and those members of our armed forces who were unjustly prosecuted due to the ridiculous rules of engagement promulgated by the Obama and Bush administrations, as well as to thwart Robert Mueller and Adam Schiff and their fellow witch hunters and bogus whistle blowers involved in the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine Scandal, respectively.

In order to enable us to carry on these important activities, we are offering membership in www.veteransfortrump.net , the website for Veterans for Trump under the auspices of the Committee to Re-Elect the President, established under the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition ( www.veterans-coalition.org ).

Membership cards will be issued to all who wish to help by becoming a member. The names of members with branch of service (one need not be a veteran to join) and the members county and state will be listed on the veteransfortrump.net website. Membership will expire on November 12, 2020 (after Election Day and Veterans Day).

Membership dues are $15.00 payable to the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition (indicate Committee to Re-Elect the President on your check).

Please mail same to:
National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition
c/o Committee to Re-Elect the President
P.O. Box 177
McKnightstown, PA 17343.

Please specify if you wish woodland or desert camo background on your card in the photos below.

If you are able to sponsor 15 or more members, or contribute an additional $150 contribution with your dues, we shall send a banner like one of those depicted in the photos which will also show your state and county. The banner is an effective tool if there are any Trump rallies in your area or if you choose to conduct or attend a rally or in support of the President. If you do decide to conduct a rally, please notify us so that it can be posted, and remember to have an American flag and a POW-MIA flag with you when you do. This is also a way to represent a visible challenge to snowflakes, members of antifa or other groups against the President and a rallying point for your group. The banner can also be displayed at the prescribed distance from the polling place on Election Day to show visible support for voters who might otherwise be intimidated.

The re-election of President Trump and supportive members of the House and Senate is our last opportunity to truly make America great again and your assistance is vital to this effort.

John J. Molloy, OSJ
National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

Veterans For Trump Membership Cards

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Membership Card 1

Membership Card 2

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