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Impeaching a President Who is Doing His Job

The following is an article written by Barbara L. Rowe, Executive Assistant of The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition, regarding the topic of the proposed impeachment offenses of President Donald J. Trump. Dated November, 2019

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January 2020 |

We wish to express our appreciation to our Commander-in-Chief, President Trump, for his efforts to protect the homeland from the threat of Islamic terror. Specifically, by the crippling, if not the total destruction of ISIS and the termination of Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi during the raid of October 23, 2019 by Delta and US Army Rangers, and Qassem Solemani, the Iranian senior military leader and designated terrorist killed on January 3, 2020, he having been targeted by a U.S. drone. The world is a safer place with these slimeballs deceased. Thank you, Mr. President, and to our outstanding military personnel for a job well done.

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Trump Was Not Wrong About McCain

At a meeting on Capitol Hill on July 7, 2016, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) urged fellow Republicans to withhold their endorsement of Donald Trump. Sen. Flake critized Donald Trump for questioning the Vietnam War record of late Arizona Senator John McCain, then living.

The photo above reflects our understanding of John McCain's record.

Oct. 2016 - Veterans Polling

Some polls are showing that a large percentage of active-military are supporting Gary Johnson as their commander-in-chief. We find this disbelievable as Johnson has quite a bit of 'brain-freeze' moments which should be a great cause of concern, especially among the military and veterans. The guy who only has 5% of the votes does not know what Aleppo is and what is going on there for that matter. He could not even name a former president of another country that he admired - couldn't remember the name! Johnson did not know who Harriet Tubman was, nor did he know what was in the contents of one bill he supported! Too much pot smoking or what? The Libertarian candidate for the presidency is shameful and embarrassing, and the fact that he is even running at all is beyond ridiculous. So how can some polls be accurate if they have the active-military and veterans tying Johnson with Trump for votes? We say the polls are biased against Trump, and that these active-military members and veterans could not possibly vote for a candidate who has no idea what is going on in his country.


As of October, 2016, approximately 200 General and Flag Officers and seventeen (17) Medal of Honor recipients have endorsed Donald J. Trump for President. All Law Enforcement organizations and Border Patrol have endorsed Donald J. Trump which begs the question is Hillary really capable of assuming the role of Commander-in-Chief?

Sen. John McCain
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Attorney General Bill Barr

The FISA Report Due Out on December 9, 2019...Wait for it!


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